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Processing fee for stand-alone publication at EconEurasia is 150 USD and icludes following services:

  • Rapid Publishing: all papers recommended by Editorial Board will be availble online within 3 working days after acceptance confirmed to the submitting author;
  • Instant Indexing: all papers published in current issue will be indexed in Directory of Open Access Journal (DOAJ) and assigned with DOI of Crossref instantly without time embargo;
  • Support of Academic Activities: all papers accepted for publishing will be assigned with Letter of acceptance which will be sent to submiting author along with acceptance confirmation through E-mail.

Paper must be approved by Editorial Board and fulfill EconEurasia's criteria for publication.

Processing fee can be transfered via PayPal or bank.

To complete PayPal transfer, please use following quick payment link:

  • fee for single paper - https://www.paypal.me/rjoas/150usd

In order to make bank transfer, please use following details:

  • Legal Address of Bank: Ul. Bolshaya Morskaya, 29, St. Petersburg, 190000, Russia
  • Beneficiary's name: Plygun Sergey
  • Beneficiary's account: 40817840726414001577
  • Payment details: EconEurasia donation, [Last name of sender]
  • Amount for transfer: 165 USD (includes additional 15 USD to cover-up bank processing fee)

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